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  • Jacqui Bukbardis | Therapeutic Counsellor

    Jacqui Bukbardis | Therapeutic Counsellor

Investing time in your self is key to making positive life change. How might it feel to give yourself valuable time and a safe place to be listened to? Sometimes we would much rather force ourselves to carry on struggling in life rather than enable ourselves to create positive change. Change can be a frightening prospect because it can lead us into new and unknown territory, which is why finding a counsellor who you feel you can trust is fundamental to taking new steps forward to a better future. So who am I you may ask ?

My name is Jacqui and I am a therapeutic counsellor based in Emsworth Hampshire, practicing in Emsworth and Chichester. The style of counselling that I practice involves a psychodynamic approach by taking the time to explore and understand personal past history, which can offer new perspective on our day to day struggles and create positive releasing change. The counselling process can be a very creative process and one can enable us to move forward and map the changes we desire

As your counsellor, I’ll

Hold empathy and genuine positive regard as core values to my work

Listen with compassion and understanding

Offer a safe place to explore difficult or painful experiences

Help you discover a more rewarding sense of self and place in the world

Please feel free to contact me in confidence via my contact page.