• About me

    About me

My working approach is based upon ‘psychodynamic’ theory that I believe provides both client and counsellor with a safe and secure framework that both holds and contains the working relationship effectively. As a practicing counsellor I hold empathy and genuine positive regard as core values that form the foundations to the shared pathway of communication that materialises within the working process that we both share.

I believe that psychodynamic understanding can often enable us to understand what can be going on for us on a deeper unconscious level and can sometimes offer us real answers to real questions when on the surface things appear not to make sense and can feel confusing and can leave us feeling, powerless, afraid and sometimes without hope. If we take the time to see how we have formed and developed as children we can often start to see the reasons beneath the surface as to why we behave the way in which we do and why we form the lifetime patterns that can often link back to our earliest years where we can discover hidden meaning. It is extremely hard to see what surrounds a problem when it is upon us and experience has taught me that having somebody to share the problem who can offer a bigger view point and who is caring and non judgemental, can very often enable us to gain new perspective and understanding.

I work in a creative way, that I feel offers the freedom and fluidity to the material a client brings that can otherwise be inhibited by a sense of right and wrong that can become repressive to thoughts and feelings for fear of them not making sense or feeling a need to keep the working process neat and tidy. My approach allows for play space to explore areas of uncertainty and the not knowing. A place where we can put down all expectation and just be, where I believe we best access our imagination and true self. Some people say we are strong to keep holding on but others might say we are even stronger if we can find the courage to trust the process and allow ourselves to let go.

If you are feeling stressed or anxious, facing a major change, having relationship problems, lacking confidence, feeling depressed or lost, bereaved, or perhaps looking for personal growth and understanding you are by no means alone. A safe place to feel heard can help us to understand our thoughts and feelings that often go unheard or un-noticed. This can enable self-understanding and personal positive change.

Please feel free to contact me in confidence via my contact page.