• Make a start

    Make a start

You’re likely to be thinking about coming for private counselling if you’ve reached my website. So where do you start?

You’ll need to get a sense of me and whether I seem right for you. For this reason I offer a consultation, which may give you a sense of how you would feel about developing a working relationship with me. The first steps can feel really difficult. Wondering where to start, if to start and who to start with?

Essentially people come for counselling because they want a better life and if you have reached this point you will probably want to do something about it now, not next year.

It can be a worry when talking about sensitive and personal information and I understand that it can be difficult to make that first contact. In looking around for the right counsellor, you have already taken the courage to acknowledge something really important to yourself.

Even if you do nothing more you have ALREADY MADE A START.

I work with adults and young people, covering a broad range of issues including:


Please feel free to contact me in confidence via my contact page.