WWhen we look at an image what is it we think we are seeing? When we look at the IMAGE on this page, for example; do we perceive a black circle on a blue background, our mother’s eyes, a planet in space or perhaps our worst nightmare? Perhaps what we perceive an object to be reveals more about our self than it does the object.

We can ask ourselves the same questions when we look at other PEOPLE and SITUATIONS we face in relation to how we might perceive them. We might ask ourselves. Why do I perceive this situation to be such a problem? Why does this next step scare me so much? Why did I allow myself to be drawn in? Why am I always let down by others?

By investing the time to understand our deeper thoughts and feelings in response to our external world, we can harness real opportunity to broaden and deepen the way we view our selves and the world in which we live. The mind functions better when it is open.

By engaging in a creative process we can expand and sharpen our perception in order to improve the quality of our interactions with life. By reframing one’s perception of things we can move ourselves beyond our habitual ways of viewing life and see beyond the things that are holding us back.

By looking at the picture of our lives we can put our lives into a larger and richer context and create personal transformation and develope a more positive outlook on life.

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